Return of the Pumpkin People

Date: Sunday, October 22, 2017

About Return of the Pumpkin People

We are celebrating our 33rd year of the "Return of the Pumpkin People"... due to the success of having the Conway's involved during our 25th Anniversary celebration they will be joining in again this year. This event runs from October 1st through the 31st annually. We are extending the dates at the request of so many of our visitors and members. In order to be able to offer this amazing event for such a long period of time we have to make some minor exceptions to the rules of play. Therefore, live pumpkins will only be necessary for the first 20 days. Once the live pumpkins are in need of replacement participants may use artificial replacements. We ask that everyone understands once we have passed October 20 we can not guarantee that all displays will still be standing and or in great condition. Weather is always a factor.

The process of putting together a display is time consuming and, depending upon the properties vision, can demand a substantial financial investment. Each property works hard to put up their display and they deserve the recognition that comes with being a part of the event. When visiting be sure to tell the host properties you appreciate their effort... we certainly do.

Return of the Pumpkin people is a self-guided tour where you use an official Return of Pumpkin People Map to find the properties who are official host properties. Be sure to look for the official logo identifying each host property. Maps and "People's Choice" ballots will be available at all participating properties. Maps can be printed off the front page of this website by September 10th.

We would love to see your pictures posted at the Jackson Area Chamber of Commerce's Facebook page JacksonAreaCC.

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