Healthcare Town Hall

Presented by: The Whitney Community Center
Location: The Whitney Center
Date: Wednesday, September 20, 2017
Time: 6:30pm

About Healthcare Town Hall

Healthcare reform has generated a great deal of interest. Our healthcare system is too costly, inefficient, and difficult to access. In order to help the community explore these issues further, Jerry Knirk, a State Representative for Tamworth, Albany, Madison and Freedom in the New Hampshire House of Representatives and also a retired physician, will be hosting and moderating a Healthcare Town Hall at the Whitney Center on Thursday evening at 6:30 PM. The goal is to encourage a robust discussion about the pros and cons of various options in health care reform. It will not be a lecture or panel discussion to tell the community what experts think is best but rather an opportunity for the community to explore preferences and understand the complexities and trade-offs of each option. He will guide the discussion to look at the general principles and try to avoid getting bogged down in the details. To enable the discussion, he will give some historical perspective on health care costs and define some of the confusing issues, such as the difference between copays, coinsurance, and deductibles.

Various components of a health care system such as funding, coverage, provider and facility reimbursement and cost-sharing will be discussed. The goal of this Healthcare Town Hall is to increase the community understanding of these issues with a constructive non-adversarial approach. This is a non-partisan event.

Please bring your ideas and concerns to this event.


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